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Bearings & Filters

Bearing & Filter Product Range

Plain bearings are manufactured in different designs and from different materials. Every combination of plain bearing design and material has characteristic properties that make the plain bearing particularly suitable for certain applications.

GGT therefore offers a wide range of plain bearings that can be delivered without pre-ordering. Plain bearings are suitable for rotary, swivel and linear movements. (Cylindrical) bushes can only absorb radial loads, and flange bushes can absorb radial and axial loads in one direction.

  • Sintered Bearings
    Sintered bearings can be found in a multitude of applications, such as electric motors of vehicles, fans, household appliances and power tools; run smoothly without requiring maintenance or service for their lifetime.
  • Solid Bronze Bearings
    machined cast Bronze bearings offer technically and economically favourable solution. It is with high load capability and good corrosion resistance, produced to customers specific requirements or DIN and ISO standard.
  • GGT50 Bearing
    Wrapped PTFE Lined (maintenance-free), self lubricated plain or flanged bearings, thrust washer and strip, Carbon steel shell with sintered bronze layer filled with PTFE.
  • GGT11 Bearing
    Wrapped PTFE Lined (maintenance-free), self lubricated plain or flanged bearings, thrust washer and strip, bronze shell with sintered bronze layer filled with PTFE.
  • GGT20 Bearing
    Wrapped Acetal Lined (low-maintenance), oil or grease lubricated bearings, carbon steel shell with sintered bronze layer with a co-acetal polymer layer, plain bearings, thrust washer and strip.
  • GGT090 Bearing
    Wrapped Bronze Bearings (low-maintenance), used for heavy load applications, offered with lubrication pockets, grooves or thru holes, plain or flanged bearings and strip.
  • High performance sliding bearings
    Featuring exceptional characteristics compared to conventional sliding bearings such as low maintenance, high bearing capacity, high operating temperature, higher sliding speed and better corrosion resistance.
  • GGT30 Bearing
    Wrapped PTFE Lined (maintenance-free), self lubricated plain bearings, thrust washer and strip, stainless steel shell with sintered bronze layer filled with PTFE.
  • GGT80 Bearing
    Steel Bronze Powder with PEEK/PTFE Marginal Bearings, provides maintenance-free operating, Temperature be allowance from -150 until +250°C, operate satisfactorily without lubrication under lieght duty and low speed, high static and dynamic load.
  • GGT40 Bearing
    The GGT40 improved the friction and much good wear resistance over the common GGT50 range under lubricated operation, for dry running, low coefficient of friction, lower wear, good sliding characteristics.
  • Bimetal Bearings
    Steel shell backed with a lead bronze lining bearing material for oil lubricated applications. This material has high load capacity and good fatigue properties, it is widely used in automotive applications such as compressors.
  • MBW Bearings
    with Solid Graphite Lubrication. Various material specifications, standard and special shapes are also available.
  • Plastic Bearings
    can be manufactured in many different types of plastic material to suit various applications, has a good combination of properties, including low moisture absorption, good dimensional stability, and low friction.
  • CRG Bearings
    Filament Wound High Load Self-lubricating Bearings, high strength glass fiber with epoxy resin and PTFE layer, low friction coefficient under high load and low speed condition, for high load and excellent wear resistance possibility.
  • Steel Bearings
    are used for repairing holes on construction machinery, cranes , scoop, backhoe, excavator bucket and arms , shovels , grabs and demolition tools (hardened interior surface).
  • Graphite Bearings
    For very high temperatures and hostile environments, all Graphite products are produced to customers specific requirements, can be supplied upon request with steel casing.
  • Sintered Bronze Filters
    Sintered parts with high porosity are mainly used as filters, silencers, for controlling and distributing gas and fluid flows or as flame resistors, as well as for aerators of fluids and stored bulk materials.
  • Structural Parts
    In order to meet the specified properties with precision, it is necessary to select appropriate powders. We manufacture complex parts with close tolerances in a single compacting operation.
  • Shaft Repair Sleeves
    shaft repair sleeves are used to repair grooved or worn rotary shaft sliding surfaces, e.g. in drive technology, they offer a cost effective alternative to replacement or the laborious reworking of the worn shaft.